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Some tips important to get a good amount of traffic to your site.

These tips have been collected from several publications.

Send your site's URL to the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN), and other search engines that can be found on the web. These companies provide registration sites. Traffic is not inmediate, some of the search engines take weeks to update their lists.

Write articles related to the site' niches, every few days and send them to the specialized directories. Be sure to include a link to your site in the author's box. The articles must be optimized for related keywords. Submit these articles to the publishers of email newsletters as well. Articles provide a long run traffic.

Write a press release about your website and submit it to the specialized sites. It is important to become familiar with this type of essay before posting. Articles and press releases are quite different.

Search for related blogs and leave there useful comments with a backlink to your site. This is a good way to achieve traffic if blogs are correctly selected. 

Answer questions concerning the topics of your site in
yahoo answers, a quite popular site, with thousands of visitors. Be sure to put a link to your site in each response. 

Register at the most popular forums related to your site and participate actively, with wise answers and questions. Your signature wearing a link to your site. 

Post blogs at and blog with a link to your site and present them to hundreds of blog directories. This will give you good amount of qualified traffic as long as you keep your blogs updated. 

Post ads with a link to your site to all sites that accept free classified ads. Some of them allow the inclusion of active links. If your ad is well written and well-sorted, many people will visit the place. 

In the emails that are sent use a signature with a link back to the site, provided that it does not seem inappropriate. 

Post links in the main social sites pages, which should contain an interesting profile and good content. Social sites can be very good sources of traffic, both general and targeted.

Use simple videos, eg sequence of slides in PowerPoint with voice and music, to promote the site. 

Try exchange links with other sites that appear in the top positions in Google searches. 

Write a a brief ebook (10 to 20 pages), with a link to your site. Send this to all the directories of E-books that can be found on the web.

These tips are going to be analized one by one in coming posts, with my comments of my own experience with them.

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