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Blogs as virtual shop windows

Blogs can be transformed into virtual shop windows, specialized in promoting different topics or products in the Internet market niches or segments. While the work of maintaining assets is greater, the potential of earning passive increases. 

Such is the case of Google AdSense ads. By expanding the topics extending the range of ads, there are more options to achieve interest from visitors. 

Key in this process is the choice of market niches, in order to have real possibilities of achieving a significant number of visitors. The niche selection is a very broad topic over which there are as many opinions as experts. It is not easy to understand the process in its full extent. 

In my case, in addition to reading articles and books that are in abundance on the net, I am continously testing topics and subtopics that attract more visitors and also testing which are the most accepted forms of propaganda. 

The exposure of the products within these windows also takes a learning time. There are sections of a blog that are more visible than others and this often depends on the entries content.

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