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Another important aspect for obtaining good number of visitors is that the search engines Google and other specialized sites, detect the existence of the site and place it in preferential positions in its pages.

First it is important to send these sites web address (URL) to the major browsers, (Google, Yahoo, MSN) to promote the site. Each browser has a link to register new sites or blogs. The blog's URL must be also sent to free directories (found in Internet searches), properly classified in the adequate category.

The entries titles and the contents should have words that define subjects that are being processed, called keywords, which achieved the ranking by the search engines. Thus every visitor seeking information on these topics with similar words or phrases, will be redirected to the site.

The keyword search can be done in many ways, but one of the simplest is using a Google service. Google Adwords, keyword tool
Attetion must be paid not only to the most popular words only, but also to those of lesser traffic.

This is a topic for a detailed development, because there are important aspects as they devote attention to every word, the announcers and more.

The content is perhaps the most important for a successful positioning, SE attraction is achieved by keywords and the posting frequency.

Once spiders find a site with good content consistent with its classification, responding to words or topics searched on a daily basis and renewed frequently, the placing of this site on the first page is quite easy.

There are free services for sending updates to the sites, is one of them and I use regularly. It is a bit cumbersome when you have several sites that are updated daily.

And to close this post, I believe one should "monitor the progress," with just a Google search using some keywords to see the position of the site. This can be done 2 times a week. The first few times it is exciting to see our sites placed on the first page of Google. After, a challenge is upheld.

A topic for another post is how to combine a good position in the pages of search engines with significant and selective traffic.

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