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Is Your Website Optimized For Conversion?

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There is a lot of talk about how difficult it is to get good quality traffic to your sites but few people talk about what to do with that traffic once it hits your landing page.
It seems crazy but it’s the truth, people have become so blinded by traffic that they forget to make sure their website is setup to convert. This means they spend a fortune in both time and money driving traffic to poorly optimized landing pages that never fulfill their earning potential.
Today’s post is a thought-provoking one. In this post, I’m going to throw you a few questions about your landing page. You may call it a checklist. I hope it can give you an insight into how well your landing page is optimized for conversion.
1) Is Your Landing Page ‘Scannable’?
Eye tracking studies have shown that there is a set way that the majority of people use to read webpages. Generally they start at the top left corner and slowly scan through the page picking out the key things that interest them.
This means using a combination of short paragraphs, bullet points, bolding, colors, etc to get attention to the things that need attention and to make it easy for people to read what you have to say. Just make sure you don’t overdo it as trying to make too much stand out will end up with none of it getting any attention.
2) How Soon Will Your Visitors Get The Answer Of ‘What’s In It For Me?’?
When someone lands on your website the first thing they will ask is ‘what’s in it for me?’ If you introduce yourself rather than addressing this right at the beginning, people will not read more than a few words before leaving your site.
So, always start off by telling the visitor what they have to gain if they continue reading and use lots of ‘you’ focused language throughout the page to relate everything to them individually.
3) How Fast Can You Make Your Visitors Trust You?
Once you’ve gained your visitors’ interests, the next immediate challenge is trust. The faster you can gain their trust, the higher the chance that they will read your entire landing page.
Many things can affect how fast you can build trust. They include the design of your website (does it look like a scam site or a trust-worthy site), the use of testimonials, the use of external recognitions such as awards, 3rd party site ranking etc, and having your own photo on the landing page.
4) Is Your Copywriting ‘Hypnotic’?
Copywriting is an important element in traffic conversion. You’ll be surprised that certain words can chase people away from your site while certain words can get people to take action. Also, you have to vary the usage of words so as to appeal to different modalities, namely kinesthetic, visual and auditory. For example, ‘imagine this…’, ‘can you see what I mean…’ and ‘listen to me…’ all have different impact on different modalities of people.
5) Do Your Visitors Know Exactly What They Are Expected To Do Next?
Many websites and landing pages fail simply because they do not tell the visitor what to do next. If your visitor reaches the end of the page and there is no link or instruction on what you want them to do next they will most likely leave your website.
If you want people to stay on your website then give them a link to another article that might interest them. The only time you may want them to leave is to take the desired action (e.g. visit the product you are promoting or opt-in to your list), but even in this case you still need a clear link that tells them what to do next!
Traffic conversion is an important skill that every internet marketer must master. I remembered when I first started, I spent more than $2000 on a course on traffic conversion. The good thing about traffic conversion courses is that you can apply the strategies immediately and you can see the benefit right away. I remembered applying just one strategy that turned one of my websites from 3 figures to 4 figures a month. Not a lot, but that’s just one strategy on one website!
If you would like to get a good course on traffic conversion, I suggest that you take a look atConversion Rate Course by traffic conversion expert, Paul Bryant. It has everything you need to know, from sales funneling strategies to copywriting to real-life examples (which is lacking in many traffic conversion courses).


Before You Start A New Online Business

Read This Before You Start A New Online Business

How To Do Online Business Advertising
 What are the most important things to consider before you venture into a new online business? Is it the technical know-how? Or perhaps it’s the traffic strategies?
In today’s blog, I’ll give you a checklist that you can refer to whenever you want to start a new online business.
1) Is the market easily targetable?
Before you do anything, you need to make sure that the market you are trying to get into is targetable. What I mean is your prospects should belong to a community that you can easily locate. This is important because when your business is launched, you need to know where to look for your customers.
This may seem common sense, but in reality, many netpreneurs believe that their product targets everybody. As a result, they advertise everywhere and have no idea why the traffic doesn’t convert.
2) Is there a problem in the market you’re targeting and does your product address to that problem?
In most cases, a business idea is generated when the founder faces a problem that he fails to find a good solution in the market. If this describes the cause of your business idea, then congratulations, as you’ve found THAT problem.
However, if you have no idea what problem your business is solving, you really have to think of one and sell that idea as a problem. Otherwise, you are going to have a hard time convincing people to buy your product.
3) Is your product unique in the market?
To me, this is the most important point before I take action on any business idea.
If you have studied marketing, you may recall the term USP, which stands for Unique Selling Proposition. A good USP is one that not only provides a solution to the problem in Point 2 but one that is unique.
You don’t have to be Einstein to create a unique product. A product can be unique by simply combining two or more ideas into one, or it can be an idea that exists in some part of the world but not found in your territory or country. Or it can even be a cheaper way of providing the same solution and the low price itself can be the uniqueness.
No one can tell you if one USP is more profitable than another. This is where your vision comes into play.
4) Is there a viral component to your business model?
If you think getting traffic is tough, that’s because there isn’t a viral component to your business model. If all the traffic has to be generated by you personally, it’s just a matter of time before you give up internet marketing.
To truly understand the meaning of viral, look at Facebook. While most people think Facebook is doing the world a favor, by providing a good platform for people to connect, in actual fact, the world is actually doing Facebook a favor, as every Facebook user is a free promoter of Facebook, helping Facebook to expand its user base.
Viral components can include many things, from having an affiliate program to providing viral tools. However, the best form of viral component is a system that can easily convert your users into your affiliates, without them having to intentionally promote your website. This means the more they use your product or service to benefit themselves, the more they promote you!
5) Do you have a traffic retention strategy?
Getting traffic is easy, keeping the traffic is harder, converting the traffic into sales is the hardest. A good traffic retention strategy will help you keep the traffic that comes to your website, so that you not only have more chance to convert the traffic into sales, but also have more people promoting your website, if you’ve done the right thing.
The most common form of traffic retention strategy is getting people to optin by giving away freebies. As I said, this is the most common form but with more and more marketers using such trick, you need to be more innovative than that in order to stand out from the rest.
6) Do you have an automatic sales conversion strategy?
People need to be reminded to buy from you. If you need to do this manually, both you and your prospects will get sick and tired of it. Instead, what you should do is to think of a subtle sales conversion strategy that is always reminding your prospects that there is something better waiting for them.
Imagine a person who needs to get from point A to B everyday. He can either get there on foot or take your taxi. It will be annoying if you were to approach this person everyday. Instead you just have to make sure that he sees you everyday and he knows about your offer. One day, when he sees the value of your service, he will buy.
7) Is the need for your product long-lived?
If you sell something that people will only need to use once, you will have to find a new prospect after every sale. That is tedious.
On the other hand, if your product can service a person for live, like an insurance policy, you are going to have recurring income from every sale you make.
Another way of looking at ‘long-lived’ is are you selling a fad? A fad is something that suddenly bursts into a full buying frenzy and then, just as quickly, fizzle out. If you are selling a fad, you may be making some quick money but such income is not lasting. Soon you will be back to square one and you have to start all over again.
8) Is the operation of your business self-running?
How much time will it take for you to keep that business running? If the running of your business requires a lot involvement from you, it means this business is going to keep you so busy that you may have no time to expand the business or explore other business and investment opportunities.
As a basic principle, you should spend most of your time growing your business or establishing other businesses, not running the business.
Of course, no business is 100% self-running. If most processes can be automated or can easily be outsourced, that business is worth exploring.
Let me give you an example of what I mean by running a business. Say if you run a membership site that provides new video tutorials every month, you will have to spend time preparing the videos. You can outsource, provided that the outsource personnel can do an equally good job, and the business is profitable enough for you to engage that person.
However, there is an interesting twist. If you are indeed in such a situation, you can turn the ‘maintenance work’ into a growth opportunity. For example, you can turn your videos into a MRR (Master Resale Right) product and allow your customers to sell or bundle it with other products. This way, the same videos suddenly become a viral tool that will bring you more traffic. You can also produce videos based on interviews with other marketing gurus. This way, you are growing your affiliate network while at the same time delivering good values to your customers.
9) Is your business building an asset?
Most people do business to make money. But that’s not enough. In addition to making money, you have to make sure that your business is building an asset other than money. An asset can be a collection of websites, which the guru call virtual property, or it can be a network, which can be in the form of a subscriber list or a network of affiliates, or you may be building an infrastructure that you can use for your future businesses.
Looking beyond money and focusing on building assets is the way to ensuring that your online venture is a lasting one. Whether your current business is going to survive tomorrow or not, you know that you are sure to win because the asset that has been built is going to benefit you no matter what.


How To Promote A Niche Web Store

How To Promote A Niche Web Store

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I was reviewing the comments in our blog and one reader asked for advice on how to advertise and get traffic to his niche web store.
You can take a look at his website here or this screenshot to see how it looks like when this article was drafted.
As I have always been saying, getting traffic is easy. The hardest thing is converting the traffic.
The key to traffic conversion is the sales funneling process, i.e. how to capture the immediate interest of your visitors and get them to take action (usually by means of opt-in or adding you as their preferred site) before leaving your site.
Once the sales funneling process is ready, the rest is just going through the process of getting traffic.
I talk about sales funneling process right at the start of this discussion because it is exactly what is lacking in this website.
Let’s go back to the website. The homepage is a catalog page listing the featured products for sale. Such homepage will only appeal to one type of traffic, i.e. people who are currently in need of a SPECIFIC niche product THAT happens to be listed in that catalog. My question is, what is the chance of you finding such a person?
Assuming you advertise such a website, chances are most of the traffic will just come and go, including those who may have a need for your product in the future.
By now, you may ask, “So, what is a good sales funneling process for such a site?”
There’s more than one way to skin a cat. For example, I may offer a huge MRR bundle that people can download free if they opt-in. Whoever come to my homepage will be presented with the offer, either on the homepage, above the fold, or as a popup. I may also have a series of autoresponder attempting to convert them into sales.
Also, instead of selling the product at a premium price of $29 - $59 for just one product, I may just sell most of the products at unbelievably low price of $0.99 - $3.90, emphasizing that those are limited-time offers. I may also have a “BUY ALL” offer at $49 - $97 for those with higher budget.
I sell at such a low price because I want potential buyers to remember my website. I want them to know that should they need a particular MRR product, my site is a cheap resource that they should check out. In my homepage, I’ll urge visitors to bookmark my site for future reference because it is THE WEBSITE they should check out should they need an MRR product.
Let’s sum up what I’ve suggested. First, I have an opt-in offer to convert the traffic into my list that I can follow-up with. Next I have a unique selling preposition for my website, i.e. a complete low-cost resource for MRR products, and that, hopefully, can capture their attention immediately and hence bookmark my site. I even have many time-limited offers to urge visitors to buy immediately as well as a big ticket item to cater to those with more budget.
My homepage will be designed to convey 2 ideas: 1) there is a huge free-of-charge MRR bundle that visitors can download, and 2) the site is the ultimate resource for MRR products at low cost.
These two ideas will also form the basis of all my advertising campaigns. So my ads will either be about downloading a massive collection of MRR free, or hundreds of MRR at just $0.99!!
Once the system is in place, there is really no lack of places to promote the site. Traffic exchanges, paid to read networks, safelists, ezine advertising, PPC ads, SEO etc. Where your prospects may be found, just find your way to reach it - THAT is what advertising is all about!


Google Algorithm Change

Kenneth Koh at his LeadsLeap blog states that there have beeen important changes that can affect websites search and therefore the one´s place position and success. HAVE A LOOK


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Getting Motivated To Blog

Posted on November 09, 2010 07:43 AM, in Blogging Tips
When you have a blog site, you must be able to post blogs regularly so as to maintain your number of visitors and even increase it. We have learn some tips on How to keep your blog exciting and the things you can publish when you ran out of ideas, and now, We are going to add some to these ideas and tips.
Having a blog would entail much of your time since you have to update your visitors regarding the niche that you have chosen. You cannot rely on the contributions from other people, but rather, all your contents should come from you. How come other blogs are frequented by a great number of web users? What makes them feel so motivated? 
Here are three motivational factors that can help you maintain a high-traffic blog:

Research on Your Niche
When you want to create a blog, make sure that you choose a niche that interest you the most. You have to have a great knowledge about it or find out more about it if you think that your knowledge is not enough. 
You have to leave an impression that you are an expert of your subject and that you still have a lot to provide your visitors. 
Speak Your Mind
In a blog, you can say whatever you like and whatever you feel. Talk about things based on your own opinion and not on the opinions of others. Many people like reading articles of straightforward people, but do not expect that everyone will agree with your thoughts. 
There are those that think differently like you do, but do not take this as a hindrance to speak what’s on your mind. However, when posting blogs, you should make your contents as constructive as possible. 
Get Motivated by Positive Feedbacks
If the contents of your blog are interesting, many people will comment on it. They can either leave positive or negative comments. If someone has a different opinion and leaves a negative feedback, do not take it personally as everyone is entitled to their own opinions. 

Just be happy that someone has visited and read your blog, and this has proved one thing: your blog is interesting. On the other hand, if you receive positive feedbacks, be grateful and consider it as a motivation. 
The most difficult thing to develop when wanting to build a blog is motivation.The above motivational tactics should be applied altogether excellently in order for you to have a high-traffic blog site. 
Do not be afraid to speak your mind. Write quality articles and learn to accept feedbacks open-mindedly.
If you think you can do the above-mentioned tactics, then you’re definitely ready to maintain a blog.

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Increase Traffic Through Comments

Posted on November 09, 2010 07:56 AM, in Blogging Tips
Your blog is useless if there’s nobody reading your blog posts. You will just be wasting your time doing research or writing and spinning articles if you have a low traffic blog site. It is not easy to establish traffic, especially if you are still in an early stage of creating and building up your blog
However, if you know the effective ways to promote your blog, then it’s positive that you’ll be able to gather enough people to view your contents and at the same time comment on them. On the other hand, you may also find niches that are similar as yours and comment on the articles.
You might find leaving comments in blogs that have the same line like the one that you have very effective. When you leave a comment on other blogsand once you’ve caught the attention of other bloggers, you will surely get linked. With this, you will gain a natural back link, which is what searchengines usually prioritize in their rankings.
After you have saturated enough viewers, it is already time for you to relax and you do not need to leave comments as often as when you were still starting, but make sure that you have other strategies to maintain the regular visitors in your blog. One of the strategies includes the use of social networking sites. 
For those who are just starting as a blogger, expect things to be difficult. You may not immediately attract the number of visitors that you need. Honestly speaking, some even took a year before they were able to establish enough traffic
That is why you need to exert more effort and be more aggressive. Just like any traditional or offline business, you’ve got to have guts to in order for you to lure traffic to your blog. Without it, you will not succeed as a blogger. 
A blogger has the same functions as a manufacturer. If they both will not promote their product, obviously, they will not generate any sales. Even if they have created a masterpiece, but they’re not pushing it, then nobody will ever get to notice it. But if the product is properly promoted, they will surely gain exposure and, of course, profit. 
Probably the best strategy in attracting a huge traffic to your site is leaving comments in the blogs


Some tips important to get a good amount of traffic to your site.

These tips have been collected from several publications.

Send your site's URL to the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN), and other search engines that can be found on the web. These companies provide registration sites. Traffic is not inmediate, some of the search engines take weeks to update their lists.

Write articles related to the site' niches, every few days and send them to the specialized directories. Be sure to include a link to your site in the author's box. The articles must be optimized for related keywords. Submit these articles to the publishers of email newsletters as well. Articles provide a long run traffic.

Write a press release about your website and submit it to the specialized sites. It is important to become familiar with this type of essay before posting. Articles and press releases are quite different.

Search for related blogs and leave there useful comments with a backlink to your site. This is a good way to achieve traffic if blogs are correctly selected. 

Answer questions concerning the topics of your site in
yahoo answers, a quite popular site, with thousands of visitors. Be sure to put a link to your site in each response. 

Register at the most popular forums related to your site and participate actively, with wise answers and questions. Your signature wearing a link to your site. 

Post blogs at and blog with a link to your site and present them to hundreds of blog directories. This will give you good amount of qualified traffic as long as you keep your blogs updated. 

Post ads with a link to your site to all sites that accept free classified ads. Some of them allow the inclusion of active links. If your ad is well written and well-sorted, many people will visit the place. 

In the emails that are sent use a signature with a link back to the site, provided that it does not seem inappropriate. 

Post links in the main social sites pages, which should contain an interesting profile and good content. Social sites can be very good sources of traffic, both general and targeted.

Use simple videos, eg sequence of slides in PowerPoint with voice and music, to promote the site. 

Try exchange links with other sites that appear in the top positions in Google searches. 

Write a a brief ebook (10 to 20 pages), with a link to your site. Send this to all the directories of E-books that can be found on the web.

These tips are going to be analized one by one in coming posts, with my comments of my own experience with them.