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Increase Traffic Through Comments

Posted on November 09, 2010 07:56 AM, in Blogging Tips
Your blog is useless if there’s nobody reading your blog posts. You will just be wasting your time doing research or writing and spinning articles if you have a low traffic blog site. It is not easy to establish traffic, especially if you are still in an early stage of creating and building up your blog
However, if you know the effective ways to promote your blog, then it’s positive that you’ll be able to gather enough people to view your contents and at the same time comment on them. On the other hand, you may also find niches that are similar as yours and comment on the articles.
You might find leaving comments in blogs that have the same line like the one that you have very effective. When you leave a comment on other blogsand once you’ve caught the attention of other bloggers, you will surely get linked. With this, you will gain a natural back link, which is what searchengines usually prioritize in their rankings.
After you have saturated enough viewers, it is already time for you to relax and you do not need to leave comments as often as when you were still starting, but make sure that you have other strategies to maintain the regular visitors in your blog. One of the strategies includes the use of social networking sites. 
For those who are just starting as a blogger, expect things to be difficult. You may not immediately attract the number of visitors that you need. Honestly speaking, some even took a year before they were able to establish enough traffic
That is why you need to exert more effort and be more aggressive. Just like any traditional or offline business, you’ve got to have guts to in order for you to lure traffic to your blog. Without it, you will not succeed as a blogger. 
A blogger has the same functions as a manufacturer. If they both will not promote their product, obviously, they will not generate any sales. Even if they have created a masterpiece, but they’re not pushing it, then nobody will ever get to notice it. But if the product is properly promoted, they will surely gain exposure and, of course, profit. 
Probably the best strategy in attracting a huge traffic to your site is leaving comments in the blogs

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