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There is a lot of talk about how difficult it is to get good quality traffic to your sites but few people talk about what to do with that traffic once it hits your landing page.
It seems crazy but it’s the truth, people have become so blinded by traffic that they forget to make sure their website is setup to convert. This means they spend a fortune in both time and money driving traffic to poorly optimized landing pages that never fulfill their earning potential.
Today’s post is a thought-provoking one. In this post, I’m going to throw you a few questions about your landing page. You may call it a checklist. I hope it can give you an insight into how well your landing page is optimized for conversion.
1) Is Your Landing Page ‘Scannable’?
Eye tracking studies have shown that there is a set way that the majority of people use to read webpages. Generally they start at the top left corner and slowly scan through the page picking out the key things that interest them.
This means using a combination of short paragraphs, bullet points, bolding, colors, etc to get attention to the things that need attention and to make it easy for people to read what you have to say. Just make sure you don’t overdo it as trying to make too much stand out will end up with none of it getting any attention.
2) How Soon Will Your Visitors Get The Answer Of ‘What’s In It For Me?’?
When someone lands on your website the first thing they will ask is ‘what’s in it for me?’ If you introduce yourself rather than addressing this right at the beginning, people will not read more than a few words before leaving your site.
So, always start off by telling the visitor what they have to gain if they continue reading and use lots of ‘you’ focused language throughout the page to relate everything to them individually.
3) How Fast Can You Make Your Visitors Trust You?
Once you’ve gained your visitors’ interests, the next immediate challenge is trust. The faster you can gain their trust, the higher the chance that they will read your entire landing page.
Many things can affect how fast you can build trust. They include the design of your website (does it look like a scam site or a trust-worthy site), the use of testimonials, the use of external recognitions such as awards, 3rd party site ranking etc, and having your own photo on the landing page.
4) Is Your Copywriting ‘Hypnotic’?
Copywriting is an important element in traffic conversion. You’ll be surprised that certain words can chase people away from your site while certain words can get people to take action. Also, you have to vary the usage of words so as to appeal to different modalities, namely kinesthetic, visual and auditory. For example, ‘imagine this…’, ‘can you see what I mean…’ and ‘listen to me…’ all have different impact on different modalities of people.
5) Do Your Visitors Know Exactly What They Are Expected To Do Next?
Many websites and landing pages fail simply because they do not tell the visitor what to do next. If your visitor reaches the end of the page and there is no link or instruction on what you want them to do next they will most likely leave your website.
If you want people to stay on your website then give them a link to another article that might interest them. The only time you may want them to leave is to take the desired action (e.g. visit the product you are promoting or opt-in to your list), but even in this case you still need a clear link that tells them what to do next!
Traffic conversion is an important skill that every internet marketer must master. I remembered when I first started, I spent more than $2000 on a course on traffic conversion. The good thing about traffic conversion courses is that you can apply the strategies immediately and you can see the benefit right away. I remembered applying just one strategy that turned one of my websites from 3 figures to 4 figures a month. Not a lot, but that’s just one strategy on one website!
If you would like to get a good course on traffic conversion, I suggest that you take a look atConversion Rate Course by traffic conversion expert, Paul Bryant. It has everything you need to know, from sales funneling strategies to copywriting to real-life examples (which is lacking in many traffic conversion courses).

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