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Writing articles to get qualified traffic

To write and submit articles to specialized directories is one of the most important ways to generate traffic to a page or a blog. Needless to say, should be carefully reviewed and the language must be straightforward and simple. Do not forget it is going to be read by people of different ethnicities and cultures. It should always include a link (link) to the page you are attempting to advertise. Usually at the author resource box.

There are over a thousand directories, many of them specialized in some issues, so the pre-selection of where to send articles is essential. They should contain between 400 and 600 words. It has been demonstrated that larger number of articles give more visitor numbers and the fact that the articles remain in the directories, adds the possibility of achieving visitors still many months after publication.

The title should be attractive and possibly not very common. The headlines with captiving words and numbers in positive phrases. You must initiate the offer of a product yours or not. The content has to be clear, precise, highly informative and able to create credibility. Achieving visits to the promoted site is almost assured. Bear in mind that you are promoting a product and that it must respond to what that is being written.

It is advisable to use keywords, especially in the first article sentences to be found by search engines , without exaggeration, as if the article is about a particular segment or niche, necessarily include these keywords.

We shall see that as creating articles progresses, the technique refines and growth an interaction between these articles writing and the creation of your own products. Once the articles enter the circuit at the net are accepted and used by other site creators, the cicle is closed.

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